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We offer the following services to our companion animal patients: Small Animal Medicine and Surgery    Boarding Ultrasound              Dental Services In House Radiographs Surgical Vital Monitoring In-house Pharmacy and Diagnostics Endoscope Health Certificates Reproduction Services Euthanasia


We offer the following services to our large animal patients: Large Animal Medicine and Surgery Boarding Ultrasound             Dental Services In House Radiographs Cosmetic Dehorns Hoof Trims             Reproductive Services In-house Pharmacy & Diagnostics Health Certificates Euthanasia             Consulting


We  offer  limited  emergency  services  until  8pm.    Please  understand  as  we  support  a  large  area and   have   limited   staff   after   hours,   we   cannot   see   every   emergency.      To   speak   with   a Veterinarian  you  can  call  our  normal  business  phone  number  and  be  directed  to  our  on  call veterinarian.    For  immediate  emergencies,  we  recommend  Texas  A&M  Small  Animal  Hospital and the Large Animal Hospital located on Raymond Stotzer Pkwy, College Station, TX 77845. .
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WE SUPPORT NOMV.   NOMV is a non-profit program that stands for NOT ONE MORE VET.  This program is dedicated to improving the mental wellbeing of veterinary professionals.  As such we have a zero tolerance for bullying.  You will be asked to leave if you exhibit any verbal, or physical abuse towards our staff.  We will press charges and seek help from law enforcement. We understand that your pet or animal may be in pain or hurting and this is a scary situation, but you acting irrationally helps no one.    We appreicate your understanding in this matter.