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Welcome to Robertson County Veterinary Services P.C.– a full service clinic who is committed to providing the best professional care for your animals. We are a mixed animal practice serving Robertson County, Texas and surrounding areas. We offer complete animal health care at two small town locations - one in Hearne, TX and one in Franklin, TX. Both clinics are mixed animal practices, and provide ambulatory services to area producers. Only 15 minutes from Bryan! We look forward to serving you and your animals! Products RCVS    offers    a    broad    line    of    products    to    help    you    and    your    animals.    If    you    have    any questions,   please   call   and   let   us   know.   We   believe   you   will   find   us   very   competitive   in   our selection and pricing. Just a few of the products we offer:.   * Flea Prevention   * Heartworm Prevention   * Medicated Shampoos / Supplements   * Vaccinations & Deworming for all animals   * Large /Small Animal Dewormers   * Large Animal Biologicals   * Injectable Mineral Supplements   * Hill Prescription Pet Foods   * And MORE...CALL US IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS! We offer a great deal of Services for many different species.  If you have questions, please do not hesitate to call.  We are here to help.


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Caring for the Animals in your Community Robertson County Veterinary Services
Health Checks

New Puppy/Kitten Visits

Our   first   puppy   /kitten   visits   are   very   popular with   our   clients.      Your   new   pet’s   examination is    discounted    and    you    get    some    great    add on’s     at     no     cost.          Call     today     &     discuss.       Remember,    it    is    cheaper    to    vaccinate    than treat deadly viruses.
Boarding Reminders

Vaccine Appointments

There   are   many   vaccines   out   there.      If   your pet   is   boarding,   you   will   need   to   ensure   you have     your     pet     vaccinated     based     on     the requirements    of    the    boarding    facility.        In addition   depending   on   your   pet’s   activity   and where   they   live   /   roam   --   we   may   recommend other   vaccines   you   may   not   know   about!   Talk to us!