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Robertson County Veterinary Services Caring for the Animals in your Community

Why Robertson County Veterinary Services, PC?

We   are   conveniently   located   in   central   Texas   in   the   middle   of   a   triangle   formed   by Dallas/Fort   Worth,   Houston,   &   San   Antonio.   Only   18-25   miles   from   Bryan/College   Station and   Texas   A&M   University.   This   is   your   opportunity   to   escape   the   hustle   and   bustle   of the   big   city   and   enjoy   peaceful,   small   town   charm,   but   close   enough   to   enjoy   the   benefits of   BCS.      We   believe   in   our   staff   and   Veterinarians,   and   aim   to   educate   them   and   our clients. 

Associate Veterinarian

We   currently   are   accepting   resumes   for   a   mixed   animal   Associate   Veterinarian,   please   feel   free to   email   or   Fax   resume   to   979-828-5183   or      All   applicants   must   be willing to take emergencies on a rotating schedule, and work every other weekend. 

Support Staff

Please   call   the   clinics   directly   to   inquire   about   employment   opportunities   with   us.   You   can   either come   in   or   request   us   to   email   you   an   Employment   Application.   We   currently   have   several   part time   positions   open   at   each   of   our   clinics,   but   are   always   seeking   qualified   individuals.   Must have    computer    experience    and    have    some    customer    service    background    with    attention    to detail.         Email   for   an   application   to   be   emailed   to   you.      Students please   provide   a   copy   of   your   class   schedule   so   we   can   see   if   your   schedule   fits   ours.      We   keep applications on file for six months.

 Dr. C.A. “Trey” Skiles

Dr.   Trey   Skiles   started   RCVS   in   2002.      He   was no    stranger    to    Veterinary    Medicine.        His father     as     well     as     his     brother     are     both Veterinarians.        He    stayed    in    the    area    after graduation   and   started   the   Hearne   Clinic.      In 2007,   he   and   his   wife,   Jennifer,   took   on   the Franklin     clinic     in     the     community     of     New Baden.     Dr.     Skiles     comes     in     for     certain surgeries,   and   his   wife   is   on   the   front   line   and is   running   between   clinics   with   their   4   kids   in tow.            They      believe      in      supporting      the community    and    even    host    a    field    trip    here and   there   for   the   kids   in   the   community.      As Mrs.   Jennifer   always   says   “kids   are   our   future” and   we   have   to   support   them   in   learning   how to care for animals.  Please stop in and say Hi!
History of RCVS