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We  can  typically  get  you  in  for  an  appointment  the  same  day  or  next  day.    Just  call.  Please discuss  what  you  need  or  your  situation  is.    Please  understand  we  believe  owners  hold  a great  deal  of  information  necessary  for  us  to  help  your  animals.    Please  be  provide  as  much detail  as  you  can,  and  forgive  us  if  we  keep  asking  questions.    We  only  see  a  glimpse  of  your pet, you know what is or isn’t normal.  


We  recognize  that  not  all  our  patients  can  come  in.    For  a  fee,  we  do  offer  country  calls.    For large  animal  clients,  this  assumes  that  you  already  have  the  herd  trapped,  have  help  to  work your  chute,  and  are  prepared  when  we  get  there.    Please  understand  that  your  safety  and  the safety   of   our   Veterinarians   and   Staff   is   our   priority.      Time   permitted,   we   will   try   and accommodate  coming  out  immediately,  but  we  do  have  patients  in  house  that  we  have  to ensure  we  are  taking  care  of  prior  to  being  able  to  leave.    Please  schedule  out  1-2  weeks  if possible for all country calls.


We    can    accommodate    “most”    general    surgeries,    including    spays,    neuters,    c-sections lacerations,   amputations,   hernia   repairs   and   urinary   stone   procedures.   Please   call   and discuss  your  individual  needs.    Please  note  that  we  only  do  non-emergency  procedures Monday-Friday.    Pets  coming  in  for  surgery  should  have  their  food  and  water  taken  away  at least  8-10  hours  prior  to  surgery  /sedation  unless  we  specify  otherwise.    EMERGENCIES Emergencies  during normal  business  hours?  Please  call  and  let  us  know  you  are  coming.    Note,  as  we  do  have clients  that  require  us  to  go  out  to  them,  we  sometimes  are  unable  to  accommodate  those immediate emergencies -- call us and we will try and accommodate your emergency. 24  HOUR CARE Like  most  general  Veterinary  Practices,  we  do  not  offer  24-  Hour  care.    This  means  we  do  not have  someone  here  overnight  full  time.    While,  we  have  staff  that  periodically  may  check  on them,  we  are  not  here  on  the  premises.  The  only  24  hour  clinic  in  the  area  we  are  aware  of  is Texas  A&M  Small/Large  Animal  Veterinary  Teaching  Hospital,  and  we  are  told  there  is  a  24 hour  clinic  in  Austin  and  Waco.    If  you  are  not  comfortable  keeping  your  pet  here  overnight, we allow owners to pick up and transfer care to another clinic nearby
ANSWERING SERVICE: NEW BADEN 979-828-4421 HEARNE 979-279-9201


Our normal business hours: Monday        8.00am - 5.00pm Tuesday          8.00am - 5.00pm Wednesday    8.00am- 5.00pm Thursday       8.00am - 5.00pm Friday       8.00am - 5.00pm Saturday        8.00am - 12.00pm** Sunday      Closed **NEW BADEN LOCATION ONLY We   offer   limited   emergency   services   until 8pm.      Please   understand   as   we   support   a large  area  and  have  limited  staff  after  hours, we  cannot  see  every  emergency.    To  speak with  a  Veterinarian,  you  can  call  our  normal business  phone  number  and  be  directed  to our on-call Veterinarian/ Staff. For  immediate  after  hours  emergencies,  we recommend  Texas  A&M  Small/Large  Teaching Hospital   located   at   408   Raymond   Stotzer Pkwy,   College   Station,   TX   77845.      They   are open 24 hours.        Small Animal Emergencies: (979) 845-2351        Large Animal Emergencies: (979) 845-3541
Robertson County Veterinary Services Caring for the animals in your Community

We reserve the right to refuse service.  While we should not have to say this, we have a zero tolerance for abuse.   Our workers have the right to be treated with dignity

and respect, and should be able to do their jobs without being verbally or physically abused. Most people respect this. We appreciate you being one of them.  If you are

not, please seek services somewhere else.