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Refills on Prescriptions

To avoid waiting, please call ahead & prepay for all refill prescriptions. Franklin: 979-828-4421 / Hearne: 979-279-9201

By Telephone

Franklin: 979-828-4421 / Hearne: 979-279-9201 Please   call   our   clinics   to   request   refills.   Some   refills   require   Doctor   Authorization,   and   we   ask   you   to   give   us 24-48   business   hours   to   have   our   doctor’s   review   these   requests.   Some   medications   are   special   order,   and while   not   normal   --   those   can   take   up   to   2   weeks   to   get   in.      We   also   allow   clients   to   pay   by   phone   and   have other family members pick up those scripts.  We appreciate your understanding.

By Fax

Franklin: 979-828-5183 / Hearne: 979-279-9788 We   understand   that   some   medications   may   be   found   elsewhere.      Robertson   County   Veterinary   Services,   PC reserves   the   right   to   not   provide   unnecessary   information   demanded   by   some   website   providers.      This   is   to eliminate   our   doctor’s   from   becoming   part   of   the   online   scams.      In   addition,   Robertson   County   Veterinary Services,    PC    is    NOT    responsible    for    the    authenticity    or    accuracy    of    other    pharmacies.        We    have    found numerous   cases   where   online   pharmacies   have   mailed   out   counterfeit   products,   have   kept   products   in terrible   storage   conditions,   and   sadly   this   has   been   at   the   cost   of   an   animals   life.      Any   specials   or   rebates offered by Robertson County Veterinary Services are also voided by purchasing from these companies. NOTE:   Any   online   pharmacy   request   can   take   up   to   3-5   days   for   approval.      We   do   not   provide   approvals   to these   companies   over   the   phone.      We   may   also   not   approve   the   request   unless   we   have   seen   the   pet   in   the last 4 months.  

In Person / Appointments Required

Some   refills   require   appointments.      These   require   to   to   make   an   appointment.      For   those,   we   ask   you   to   call the clinic and discuss with our staff your situation.  We will try and help you get in quickly!