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Boarding at rcvs

We at Robertson County Veterinary Services are happy to provide boarding service for our client’s pets.


We ask that owners call for reservations for their pets. Cage space is limited and calling at least a week ahead for normal weeks, and at least one month ahead for holidays, will help insure your pet’s visit. Please ask us any questions you may have regarding your pets stay.



We prefer to board pets who are current patients of RCVS however, if space allows, we will board pets who are not our patients. We require that all new pets be examined by one of our doctors prior to boarding at our regular fee to ensure that they are currently healthy and to evaluate their temperament. If a pet is ill on admittance, he or she will be treated and billed as a hospital patient. If a pet is deemed behaviorally unsuited for boarding, boarding will be declined.



We require that all boarders be up to date on vaccines, including: distemper, parvovirus, rabies, and bordetella (kennel cough) for dogs for cats we require rabies. Feline leukemia virus vaccine is recommended for indoor/outdoor cats.If your pet needs vaccinations, they can be given on admission to the hospital, but it is highly recommended that they be vaccinated at least one week prior to boarding.



If your pet has a medical problem and you would like a doctor to evaluate during boarding, please inform the receptionist prior to or at the time of reservation so that she may schedule an appointment for examination. If your pet becomes ill during boarding, we will administer treatment to your pet at regular fees



Please bring your pet to the hospital at the previously scheduled time. We ask that you drop our pet off before 4:00pm on the day you are arriving. We will check you in as timely as possible, but please understand if we have emergencies, we would appreciate you being as patient with us as possible. The receptionist will confirm your date of return and the time for release, if known. If a special diet is needed, or if medications must be given, please bring these and inform the receptionist. Please ask any questions about fees before or at the time of admission. Our staff will be happy to quote our current fees. To ensure we have your pet’s belongings together, we ask that owners call before coming to the hospital to pick up their pets. If you are leaving a crate for your pet, please have your name clearly marked on it. Boarders are not released after noon on Saturdays or at all on Sundays or holidays. If you find that you are not able to return on the date agreed upon, you need to call us ASAP. We cannot guarantee that we will have space available for these extra days. In addition, if you do not return and do not call after 5 days, RCVS reserves the right to dispose of your pet as we see fit.



Our boarders are housed in individual cages. Housemates may be boarded together if space permits. Please note that if housemates do end up becoming aggressive with each other, we have the right to move them to separate cages if space permits, and you will be charged the single cage rate. We encourage some toys if you think it helps your pet, however, if we see them chewing them or eating them— please consider the dangers for your pet. Please make sure you list the toys on the check in sheet so we know what is yours. For the safety of your pet we do not allow rawhide bones or rope/string toys. Many pets will bury small toys in their bedding and these may inadvertently be thrown out. For this reason we cannot guarantee return of personal items. Feeding is done twice a day. If your pet requires a special diet, please bring it with you, or you will be charged an additional fee for the diet, if we have it available. Dogs are walked outside twice daily. Cats receive clean litter twice daily.



If your pet has fleas, we will give them a capstar and this will be at your cost.



If your pet shows aggression and additional handling or tranquilizers, you could be charged extra. Safety for your pet and our staff is our “Number One” goal. We reserve the right to refuse boarding aggressive pets.