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COVID-19 Warning and Risk

Covid-19 Warning Assumed Risk

Owners    should    be    aware    by    visiting    any    facility,    including    this    one,    you    are    voluntarily assuming   all   risk   related   to   the   exposure   of   COVID-19.      There   is   an   inherit   risk   of   exposure   to COVID-19   existing   in   any   public   place   where   people   are   present.      COVID-19   is   a   extremely contagious   virus   /   disease   that   can   lead   to   severe   illness,   complications   and   death.      According to   CDC   and   many   Health   Providers   --   Senior   citizens   and   citizens   with   underlying   medical conditions    -    known    or    unknown    --    are    especially    vulnerable--    and    should    continue    to quarantine   if   concerned   about   the   potential   of   catching   the   virus.      HELP   KEEP   EACH   OTHER SAFE   &   HEALTHY.      Social   Distance,   wear   masks,   and   regularly   check   your   temperature.      Most of all -- STAY HOME if you are sick.     For   our   employee’s   protection:   Please   inform   the   staff   if   you   have   symptoms   of   COVID-19, have   been   in   contact   with   someone   with   COVID-19,   or   are   currently   being   quarantined.      We also   may   elect   to   check   your   temperature   while   in   the   clinic.   If   you   do   not   approve   of   this,   we can    recommend    some    other    Veterinarians    in    the    area,    but    we    are    unsure    of    their requirements during this time.  HEARNE   LOCATION:      Please   understand   due   to   our   clinic   being   a   smaller   footprint,   we   are CURBSIDE   ONLY   until   further   notice.   Call   when   you   arrive,   and   we   will   assist   your   needs   or come   get   your   pet.      If   there   are   special   circumstances   that   need   to   be   considered,   please   call and discuss with our staff PRIOR to the visit.    FRANKLIN   LOCATION:    We   are   requesting   only   one   person   per   patient.      Please   call   upon arrival   and   allow   us   to   get   you   into   a   room   immediately   to   assist   with   social   distancing efforts.      Please   avoid   unnecessary   visiting   with   our   staff   to   avoid   exposure.      This   is   one   of   the hardest   things   for   us,   because   we   enjoy   visiting   with   our   clients.      We   offer   curbside   for   our susceptible   clients,   and   request   all   clients   to   take   part   in   calling   in   medications   and   prepaying and allowing us to come out to the car and deliver your medications or supplies to you. For   those   frustrated   and   upset   by   the   logistics   of   this   all,   we   get   it.   These   are   definitely frustrating   times   and   inconvenient.   We   have   a   job   that   literally   results   in   blood,   sweat   and tears   on   a   daily   basis.   Tears   are   higher   these   days   for   some,   as   employees   work   longer   than normal   hours   on   a   crammed   packed   schedule   while   also   having   to   deal   with   personal   loss, spousal   job   loss,   or   high-risk   family   members.      So   please   know   we   truly   get   and   feel   your frustration.    Talk    to    us    kindly    and    we    will    listen,    let    us    know    if    you    have    extenuating circumstances.      No   A/C   in   your   car?   Please   feel   free   to   do   a   drop   off   and   come   back   later.      Go get   a   tea   down   the   road,   and   come   back.      We   are   willing   to   work   with   you   as   long   as   you   are willing   to   work   with   us.      We   are   also   not   responsible   for   your   own   vet   being   unable   to   see   you in   a   timely   manner.      Being   alright   with   their   inability   and   upset   with   us   continuing   to   support our   loyal   clients,   and   be   here   for   our   current   patients   --   is   downright   hypocritical   and   does not   constitute   priority.      We   do   our   best,   and   appreciate   those   that   see   that   and   know   what   we go through to help as many people/patients as we can.   For   anyone   calling   to   yell,   cuss,   belittle,   scream   and   threaten   us,   it   is   of   no   use   and   will   get you   absolutely   no   where   with   us.   We   are   not   responsible   for   a   global   pandemic   nor   can   we control   any   aftermath   created   by   it.   We   are   all   doing   the   best   we   can   one   day   at   a   time   to serve   our   community,   while   trying   to   keep   our   employee’s   physical   and   mental   health   a   top priority. We   send   a   heartfelt   thank   you   to   all   our   clients   who   have   been   and   continue   to   be   patient.   We   are filled with gratitude for your support.  Thank you for allowing us to be part of your fur-family.


Answering Service: 979-828-4421 / 979-279-9201


The following is our normal business hours: Monday                         8.00 - 5.00 Tuesday                         8.00 - 5.00 Wednesday                                     8.00 - 5.00 Thursday                         8.00 - 5.00 Friday                                     8.00 - 5.00 Saturday**                        8.00 - 12.00 Sunday                                  Closed **FRANKLIN LOCATION ONLY We    offer    limited    emergency    services    until 8pm.        Please    understand    as    we    support    a large   area   and   have   limited   staff   after   hours, we   cannot   see   every   emergency.      To   speak with   a   Veterinarian,   you   can   call   our   normal business   phone   number   and   be   directed   to our on-call Veterinarian/ Staff. For   immediate   after   hours   emergencies,   we recommend   Texas   A&M   Small/Large   Teaching Hospital    located    at    408    Raymond    Stotzer Pkwy,    College    Station,    TX    77845.        They    are open 24 hours.        Small Animal Emergencies: (979) 845-2351        Large Animal Emergencies: (979) 845-3541
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